80km offroad…untile the frame broke

During winter we mapped the eastern Galilee, mostly on paved roads. The dirt tracks were too muddy. That’s ok for regular riding. But with the frame of pipes, it is impossible to ride more than a meter with mud because of the balance. Now the spring is almost over, and that means four things: all the dirt roads are completely dry, the thorns are still not too spiky, the snakes are still hiding (I hope), and the temperatures are still below 35 centigrade. We headed to fill the holes in the mapping over Yavne’el Valley and the drainage of Tabor Creek. The terrain was not easy, especially since the middle pipe limits the handlebar from turning to the right. Next time you ride off-road try not to turn right for 80 km.
We spent two days there. Just before the last descend to Tabor Creek the front pole broke. We expected this to happen at some stage. All in all, the frame held very nicely since April 2016 along about 1500 km of riding. The frame held the sensor, and no harm was done. But we had a big problem.
Please follow this link to join the ride:


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